Apple Watch Time!

A new Apple Watch on the wrist of a redhead
Regrettably for my ego, in retrospect I wasn't alone in dreaming of a smart-watch as a kid. Same goes for 3D goggles, jet-packs and human-to-animal translation software - virtually no ideas are new ... Continue Reading

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing has stood the test of time and proven itself to be one of those stories that never gets old. Sure, it was partly the undeniable chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze that ... Continue Reading

Grandpa’s Shed

My grandpa, John, is an amazing old salt. He’s an accomplished sailor, a veteran of the British Merchant Navy, a printer - one of the country’s finest flexographers in his day - and a massive ... Continue Reading

Baby Wombat Housecall

*** WARNING - THIS POST CONTAINS EXTREME CUTENESS!!! *** This blog barely needs any words. It's all about the awwwws. Emily Small and her family run the Goongerah Wombat Orphanage. Goongerah is a ... Continue Reading

Big Top Blogger

Big Top Circus at Night Flemington Melbourne. Pacific Ginger
"Roll up, roll up!" - isn't that how circuses are meant to announce themselves? This spectacular shindig didn't say those particular words aloud... but the big top said it all! There was a lot ... Continue Reading

The Musician Speaks

Musicians don’t get enough love from modern day society. Yes, different rules apply to the ones EVERYONE knows, and the big stars are renowned for their money, luxury life-styles and epic entour... Continue Reading

The right tools for the job

They say that to do a good job, you should always use the right tools. In past lives I have been an automotive mechanic and a flexographic printer. These jobs taught me that if you use cheap tools ... Continue Reading

Hammer & Tong

Hammer & Tong has a great reputation and deservedly so. They specialise in off-the-wall combinations and their coffee and drinks list is terrific. If you manage to arrive off-peak or have a booking ... Continue Reading

The Hardware Société

Baked eggs deux! Delicious Food at the Hardware Societe
There was a time not so long ago when The Hardware Société was one of Melbourne's best-kept secrets. The smell of coffee is different here, I don't know why. Maybe it's the smell of baked eggs that ... Continue Reading

The Living Room, Templestowe

The Living Room in Templestowe serves Australian Contemporary cuisine which they describe as "a little bit of something for everybody". In our experience, the service is a standout, the food is fresh ... Continue Reading

Longrain Lunch

Longrain is a place I can't help coming back to every couple of years. "Thai fusion" gets me everytime, but these guys are seriously gifted and have worked hard to perfect their offerings. The ... Continue Reading

Nobu Tapas

Nobu is my guilty pleasure and I've probably splurged on it at least once a year over the last decade. Sometimes I've gone to the trouble of booking ahead for a table but frequently I've been a ... Continue Reading

T2’s Lab of Experimentation and Exploration

What do you wear to a tea-festival? What does one bring? Should I eat first? The unflappable Souri suggested I wear some clothes and bring my camera. As I walked in from the heat of Wellington Street ... Continue Reading

Why Blog?

As the pre-written template here declares.... "Hello world"! Where to begin for now? The very beginning? It's a very good place to start, you say? How melodious. Ok: why are we here? Not 'here in ... Continue Reading