2 posts from month 12/2014

Longrain Lunch

Longrain is a place I can't help coming back to every couple of years. "Thai fusion" gets me everytime, but these guys are seriously gifted and have worked hard to perfect their offerings. The flavours are so fresh and every combination packs a punch. The cocktails are divine and the atmosphere is modern and trendy, too. Amongst a few tasty delacacies we have tried and adored: the Betel leaf and smoked river trout (with peanuts, green papaya, peanuts and mint); the Cone Bay barramundi ... Continue Reading

Nobu Tapas

Nobu is my guilty pleasure and I've probably splurged on it at least once a year over the last decade. Sometimes I've gone to the trouble of booking ahead for a table but frequently I've been a walk-in for the amazing tapas and drinks. On this occasion we hadn't even brought the camera (next time!) but can't help wanting to share the deliciousness and our general recommendations with iPhone photos, such as they are! Firstly, you'd be crazy not to start with Edamame. It is the simplest ... Continue Reading