2 posts from month 02/2015

The right tools for the job

They say that to do a good job, you should always use the right tools. In past lives I have been an automotive mechanic and a flexographic printer. These jobs taught me that if you use cheap tools or the wrong tool, you will end working twice as hard, or worse - damaging something that will cost you real money, or worse still - causing someone an injury. To that end, in my second life as a photographer, I've always strived to have the best possible equipment to ensure that I can deliver the ... Continue Reading

Hammer & Tong

Hammer & Tong has a great reputation and deservedly so. They specialise in off-the-wall combinations and their coffee and drinks list is terrific. If you manage to arrive off-peak or have a booking you can choose to sit in the main dining hall and coffee bar, the corridor bar or the sunroom. I had the raw beef salad with smoked egg yolk and yuzu chilli sorbet and pho jus. Ben had the spanner crab egg crepe with cucumber ketchup and charcoal brioche and an egg. The first people who saw my ... Continue Reading