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Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing has stood the test of time and proven itself to be one of those stories that never gets old. Sure, it was partly the undeniable chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze that got us all a bit giggly (have you seen their screentest??) but with any cast it ticks a lot of boxes. There's simply a raft of themes that so many of us connect with - it's just too easy to like! Coming of age. First love. Secrets, betrayal and confessions. Accusation and exoneration. It's all ... Continue Reading

Grandpa’s Shed

My grandpa, John, is an amazing old salt. He’s an accomplished sailor, a veteran of the British Merchant Navy, a printer - one of the country’s finest flexographers in his day - and a massive motorcycle enthusiast. He won the 1960 Australian Sidecar Championship as the sidecar passenger, among other things. That's just scratching the surface. I could write stacks more about his life... and probably will at some stage. But this article is about my Grandpa’s Shed.When I was a boy my mum ... Continue Reading

Baby Wombat Housecall

*** WARNING - THIS POST CONTAINS EXTREME CUTENESS!!! *** This blog barely needs any words. It's all about the awwwws. Emily Small and her family run the Goongerah Wombat Orphanage. Goongerah is a 40-person town in far East Gippsland (Victoria). Ben and I don't know Emily very well but she dropped some keys at our house for a mutual friend the other day. She happened to mention that she had to get going because she had some wombat babies in the car. Mistake! She wasn't going to be going ... Continue Reading

Big Top Blogger

Big Top Circus at Night Flemington Melbourne. Pacific Ginger
"Roll up, roll up!" - isn't that how circuses are meant to announce themselves? This spectacular shindig didn't say those particular words aloud... but the big top said it all! There was a lot of excitement from the crowds weaving their way across Flemington towards those distinctive blue and yellow stripes. I was among them, babbling to my friend about what we might lie before us. I don't remember ever having been to a circus before in my life, though I must have read Enid Blyton's ... Continue Reading

The Musician Speaks

Musicians don’t get enough love from modern day society. Yes, different rules apply to the ones EVERYONE knows, and the big stars are renowned for their money, luxury life-styles and epic entourages. But 'normal' musicians, you know the ones that populate the local bars and pubs, they aren't remotely like that. The majority of musicians usually have to work really hard to make ends meet, and - unless they are 'discovered' by the big conglomerates - they rarely get the chance to share ... Continue Reading