6 posts from month 09/2015

Innocent Bystander

Give into temptation! If you're peckish while in Healesville you should definitely visit Innocent Bystander. One of the first things you notice is that that the whole place has the comforting and friendly smell of freshly baked bread. Not overpoweringly so, but their bakery is definitely a core feature and it is evident in the air! Accordingly, we thought we'd start with and order of the fresh baguette with salumi and chose the Spanish cured pork leg from the many options. As we didn't have a ... Continue Reading

Steavenson Falls

The Steavenson Falls Reserve is a truly beautiful spot which is easy to access on a day trip from Melbourne. Gum trees, Beech trees and ferns soak in the spray as the water crashes down eighty-four metres into the picturesque Steavenson River valley below. The lush forest in this area is regenerating valiantly from the horrific fires of 2009, but the ghostly skeletons that were once trees still stand eerily like little white matchsticks on the hills in the distance - a lasting reminder of that ... Continue Reading

Senses Restaurant

Senses Restaurant, Templestowe, is a little treasure only a few minutes up the road. We happened to go there during a gorgeous sunset on one of the first warm days of spring so we took the opportunity to sit outside while we enjoyed our drinks and meals. First up we had the saganaki to share - but forgot to snap you a picture of that! This has happened with saganaki before! In any case it was very yummy. I ordered the garlic prawns... how very unlike me. ;) The prawns in question were ... Continue Reading

Sahara Moroccan Restaurant

Don't blink! It is too easy to walk straight past the inconspicuous magic door that leads upwards to (much) deliciousness high above Swanston Street in Melbourne! Sahara's Moroccan and Northern African cuisine is served amongst gorgeous tapestries, mirrors, stained-glass and lanterns on three levels. Overlooking the State Library, it feels tucked away but is really at the centre of everything at the same time. We only went to 'the kitchen' this time but look forward to trying out 'the bar' and ... Continue Reading

Fairfield Park Boathouse

Fairfield Park Boathouse is an iconic location where you can enjoy delicious meals and Devonshire Teas whilst revelling in the riverside atmosphere amongst the gum trees and the friendly ducks. We went there for a pre-wedding photoshoot for a gorgeous couple who will be tying the knot under our appreciative lenses next April. There was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to have some yummy tucker while on location. In fact... we went twice. Breakfast first - next the photoshoot - then ... Continue Reading

Maroush Lebanese Restaurant, Eltham

If she wants Thai and he wants Italian it can pay to 'split the difference' and go for Lebanese! It is a great midpoint between Asian spiciness and European heartiness. We were thrilled to bits with the delicious spread that Maroush Lebanese Restaurant served up to us in Eltham. The flavours popped, the herbs were fresh, and the seafood and meat were juicy. I ordered the Maroush Prawns. They were absolutely a 10/10 and I don't say that lightly! They were so aromatic and flavoursome. ... Continue Reading