8 posts from month 04/2016

Finch & Lane Grand Opening

Finch & Lane are a new interior furnishings boutique in Malvern. They have just opened their doors. Their specialties include bespoke furniture, lighting, textiles, and décor which they present alongside rare and stunning framed movie posters. The look is one of style and luxury but also simplicity and light. I was very excited to be invited to their launch! After enjoying many yummy canapés and some delicious Champagne with my good friend Souri from Fresh Photography, we settled ... Continue Reading

Hutch & Co Cafe, Lilydale

Three words: ALL DAY BREAKFAST. But not just any breakfast, a blissful sensory delight of a breakfast. We were so grateful to be introduced to Hutch & Co as it is an absolute gem of a cafe. When you visit, I would definitely recommend bringing along lots of friends. You will then have 'picking rights' to sample their menu choices! And you will want to sample everything! It's a beautiful, bright friendly place with lots of natural light, tantalising flavours and friendly staff. The Hutch ... Continue Reading

MoVida Bar de Tapas

MoVida is a particularly famous and well established Tapas style restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. They have truly mastered the art of tiny, favour packed dishes (only one or two bites) but also have wonderful bigger dishes which can be shared more easily. The flavours are out of this world but the prices are frighteningly reasonable, with tapas bites ranging from $3.50 to $6.50. It sits in Melbourne's most photographed laneways, Hosier Lane, which is widely renowned for its stunning ... Continue Reading

Ginger Pride Rally

Buderim Ginger Beer and the Bully Zero Charity joined forces to create a very 'colourful' event - but there was only one colour! The inaugural Ginger Pride Rally graced Melbourne's Federation Square yesterday and it was quite a sight to behold. Needless to say, it was designed to reduce bullying and to promote ginger beer sales... both perfectly worthy causes if you ask us! A Fun Filled Morning Australia's first Ginger Pride Rally was a really fun event to attend as it was well ... Continue Reading

Siglo Rooftop Bar

Siglo is the rooftop terrace bar immediately above the legendary Supper Club on Spring Street. It can be a little bit hard to find if you're not yet initiated... just brave your way through the unmarked door to the left of The European. It is well worth the climb! High over Spring Street, the Siglo rooftop terrace offers a view right across this beautiful old part of Melbourne. You can see the stunning turrets of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the middle distance and admire the impressive ... Continue Reading

Westfield Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night

It was a night of window shopping without the windows! All the best bits of AW 2016 (the Autumn/Winter fashion collections of 2016) were brought into a single place within the Fashion Hub event at the Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night. The champagne and cupcakes put everyone in a celebratory mood while they browsed the latest trends with tips from those in the know in including stylist Tara Blanusa. To top it off there were gorgeous artisan paper flowers handmade on request by Louise Seymour ... Continue Reading

Sony α7S II Unboxing

We are more than a little bit excited about our newest additions to our tribe of gadgets. Having added wedding videography to our repertoire at Pause The Moment (see our first video here) it seemed like the right time to invest in some additional specialised equipment. Enter the Sony α7S II. Like we ever need any excuse! Prepare for the ubiquitous unboxing sequence... Sony α7S II Unboxing We don't do these things by halves... so we bought two. How else could we use a Sony α7S II to ... Continue Reading

Naked for Satan – Tapas Bar

Hearing the words "Naked for Satan is AMAZING" for the first time will certainly catch your attention. Rather than being a cult, this is an incredible "Bar de Pintxos y Vodka" venue. Tucked inside a historic Fitzroy building, this was a secret vodka distillery during the time of the great depression. This was all thanks to Leon Satanovich, a Russian immigrant. The locals - in standard Aussie fashion - affectionally shortened 'Satanovich' to the nickname ‘Satan’. As the grandson of a vodka ... Continue Reading