About Pacific Ginger

Pacific Ginger is colour and warmth. Beaches and cocktails. Taste and light. It’s glowing sunsets, walks in the park, fashion and hair. It’s good food and fire, fine dining and laughter. It’s photography, it’s flavour and it’s fun.

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We live in the luckiest city in the luckiest country in the world: Melbourne, Australia. There is so much going on at any one time that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with everything on offer. This blog is about slowing that hectic pace just a little bit. So many of us forget to stop and smell the roses!

Life is short, life is good. When you’re busy and you need a break, why not try a slice of Pacific Ginger? We’ll help you relax, and there’s the ever-present possibility that we all might just learn something along the way!

Michelle XX