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Gami Chicken and Beer

Gami Chicken and Beer Box Hill - Melbourne Food Blogger
GAMI CHICKEN AND BEER - BOX HILL'S DELICIOUS LITTLE SECRET Tucked away under an office building on Whitehorse Road in Box Hill, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs is Gami. I hadn't heard of it before today. Given the little "chicken bender" that my brother Phil and I have been on over the last couple of months, I figured when he suggested it that I had to go there! One would be forgiven for driving straight past this little restaurant. It's facade blends easily into the office building that ... Continue Reading

Nikon D5 and D500 Preview Event

Nikon D5 Go Kart
The Nikon D5 is Here Earlier this year, Nikon announced the D5, it's newest flagship camera and replacement to the wildly successful and hugely popular Nikon D4S. This August, Nikon invited a select group of My Nikon Life subscribers to an exclusive, hands on demonstration of the D5 and it's baby brother, the Nikon D500 at Auscarts go kart track in Port Melbourne. We were lucky enough to head along for the night! Nikon had a wide range of products, lenses and cameras to use, and organised this ... Continue Reading

Grandpa’s Shed

My grandpa, John, is an amazing old salt. He’s an accomplished sailor, a veteran of the British Merchant Navy, a printer - one of the country’s finest flexographers in his day - and a massive motorcycle enthusiast. He won the 1960 Australian Sidecar Championship as the sidecar passenger, among other things. That's just scratching the surface. I could write stacks more about his life... and probably will at some stage. But this article is about my Grandpa’s Shed.When I was a boy my mum ... Continue Reading

The Musician Speaks

Musicians don’t get enough love from modern day society. Yes, different rules apply to the ones EVERYONE knows, and the big stars are renowned for their money, luxury life-styles and epic entourages. But 'normal' musicians, you know the ones that populate the local bars and pubs, they aren't remotely like that. The majority of musicians usually have to work really hard to make ends meet, and - unless they are 'discovered' by the big conglomerates - they rarely get the chance to share ... Continue Reading

The right tools for the job

They say that to do a good job, you should always use the right tools. In past lives I have been an automotive mechanic and a flexographic printer. These jobs taught me that if you use cheap tools or the wrong tool, you will end working twice as hard, or worse - damaging something that will cost you real money, or worse still - causing someone an injury. To that end, in my second life as a photographer, I've always strived to have the best possible equipment to ensure that I can deliver the ... Continue Reading