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2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-10

This blog barely needs any words. It’s all about the awwwws. Emily Small and her family run the Goongerah Wombat Orphanage. Goongerah is a 40-person town in far East Gippsland (Victoria). Ben and I don’t know Emily very well but she dropped some keys at our house for a mutual friend the other day. She happened to mention that she had to get going because she had some wombat babies in the car. Mistake! She wasn’t going to be going anywhere for at least half an hour!

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-3

Baby wombats are up there with the cutest things on earth. Hyperbole? We don’t think so. Emily told us that for their first few years, wombats make better company than dogs. They stay with their mothers for two years which is a decent stretch, so they form affectionate bonds and are very playful and personable. They love cuddles and scratches and enjoy games. 

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-13

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-12

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-11

There is of course a sad side to the story. These two gorgeous bubbas, like most of the wombats who pass through the orphanage, have been rescued from their dead mother’s pouches on Victoria’s roads. Emily’s two repeated message on social media are ‘be careful on the roads’ and ‘check pouches’. Sobering thoughts and important messages for those of us who travel through rural areas. 

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-6

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-9

Emily is studying Vet Science so that she can work with animals for a living on a permanent basis. At the moment she relies on her own household funds and a small trickle of donations to look after her young charges. She doesn’t seem to put any special effort into drumming up donations. It’s definitely a love job, and not such a hard one to understand. Nevertheless, it’s a LOT of work. Volunteers like Emily make an enormous difference to our native wildlife and their efforts should be celebrated! Check out and ‘like’/’follow’ Emily’s Goongerah Wombat Orphanage page on Facebook and consider slinging her a few bucks using the information on her ‘About’ page. It’s a very worthy cause. 

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-5

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-8


2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-2

2015 03 07 Baby Wombat Visit - Pacific Ginger-4

I’m off to die from acute “ness overload”. These two babies – named Dugong and Martha – have filled my cute cup! Their infectious sleepiness has inspired me to go and take a nap!

Until next time, thanks for wearing wombat diapers!

Michelle xx

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  • comment-avatar
    Sarah Caligaris December 11, 2020 (6:23 pm)

    I am writing and illustrating a non-fiction book about wombats for primary school age. While scrolling through various sites, I came across these gorgeous little ones (cuteness overload alright!)
    and am seeking permission to create an illustration from one of the photos on this blog (third from the bottom, wrapped in a blue blanket showing the sole of the back foot/paw). Who should I contact for this?
    Kind regards, Sarah

    • comment-avatar
      Benjy April 22, 2023 (8:27 am)

      Embarrassingly, we don’t maintain this blog as well as we used to (clearly!) – If you’re still interested, send an email to and we’ll be more than happy to sort it out!