Denim Done Differently

Recycled clothing is having a bit of a renaissance at them moment, and rightly so. There is a surplus of clothing in recycle centres all over Australia. Of course - we all love acquiring new looks to capture our moods and signal our personal style. It can be easy to forget that second-hand clothing stores hold innumerable hidden treasures for a fraction of the retail price... and with a negligible environmental footprint! THRIFT SHOP Despite this (and despite having had Macklemore's ... Continue Reading

Westfield Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night

It was a night of window shopping without the windows! All the best bits of AW 2016 (the Autumn/Winter fashion collections of 2016) were brought into a single place within the Fashion Hub event at the Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night. The champagne and cupcakes put everyone in a celebratory mood while they browsed the latest trends with tips from those in the know in including stylist Tara Blanusa. To top it off there were gorgeous artisan paper flowers handmade on request by Louise Seymour ... Continue Reading

Rutherford Jewellery

A little bit of luxury goes a long way! In a week full of hectic activity, it was magical to try on some incredible jewellery with good company, fine bubbles and delicious canapés. Rutherford Jewellery, a third-generation family business, has an absolutely stunning array of pieces. Their collection features diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and much more. They have now had their new store in Melbourne's iconic Block Arcade for just over a year - a perfect excuse to stop and celebrate their ... Continue Reading

Kiehl’s Chadstone Grand Opening

Ever seen an unexpected skeleton peering at you from inside a storefront? You might be passing a new Kiehl's boutique! Kiehl's began as a homeopathic pharmacy back in 1851 in the East Village of New York City. As a modern day skin care specialty store it still has the 'apothecary vibe' throughout its international stores. This has certainly been carried over to its new Chadstone boutique which just had its grand opening. As with all Kiehl's stores, a rather friendly looking, bespectacled ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Time!

A new Apple Watch on the wrist of a redhead
Regrettably for my ego, in retrospect I wasn't alone in dreaming of a smart-watch as a kid. Same goes for 3D goggles, jet-packs and human-to-animal translation software - virtually no ideas are new ideas! It can be a bit of a shock for little ones when it first dawns on them that even their most weird and wonderful imaginings have already passed through the mind of somebody else... it's just a matter of probability and statistics. (I, for instance, "invented" the chaise-longue at the tender age ... Continue Reading

The right tools for the job

They say that to do a good job, you should always use the right tools. In past lives I have been an automotive mechanic and a flexographic printer. These jobs taught me that if you use cheap tools or the wrong tool, you will end working twice as hard, or worse - damaging something that will cost you real money, or worse still - causing someone an injury. To that end, in my second life as a photographer, I've always strived to have the best possible equipment to ensure that I can deliver the ... Continue Reading

Why Blog?

As the pre-written template here declares.... "Hello world"! Where to begin for now? The very beginning? It's a very good place to start, you say? How melodious. Ok: why are we here? Not 'here in the universe' (gotta save some of the big topics for later lol...) but here on this page?? Right. In answer to that... I have a public confession to make. When it comes to non-core activities, I've been a bit of a 'gunna' about keeping records, diaries and photo albums and things like that. Is that ... Continue Reading