Finch & Lane Grand Opening

Finch & Lane are a new interior furnishings boutique in Malvern. They have just opened their doors. Their specialties include bespoke furniture, lighting, textiles, and décor which they present alongside rare and stunning framed movie posters. The look is one of style and luxury but also simplicity and light. I was very excited to be invited to their launch! After enjoying many yummy canapés and some delicious Champagne with my good friend Souri from Fresh Photography, we settled ... Continue Reading

Westfield Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night

It was a night of window shopping without the windows! All the best bits of AW 2016 (the Autumn/Winter fashion collections of 2016) were brought into a single place within the Fashion Hub event at the Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night. The champagne and cupcakes put everyone in a celebratory mood while they browsed the latest trends with tips from those in the know in including stylist Tara Blanusa. To top it off there were gorgeous artisan paper flowers handmade on request by Louise Seymour ... Continue Reading

Sony α7S II Unboxing

We are more than a little bit excited about our newest additions to our tribe of gadgets. Having added wedding videography to our repertoire at Pause The Moment (see our first video here) it seemed like the right time to invest in some additional specialised equipment. Enter the Sony α7S II. Like we ever need any excuse! Prepare for the ubiquitous unboxing sequence... Sony α7S II Unboxing We don't do these things by halves... so we bought two. How else could we use a Sony α7S II to ... Continue Reading

Kiehl’s Chadstone Grand Opening

Ever seen an unexpected skeleton peering at you from inside a storefront? You might be passing a new Kiehl's boutique! Kiehl's began as a homeopathic pharmacy back in 1851 in the East Village of New York City. As a modern day skin care specialty store it still has the 'apothecary vibe' throughout its international stores. This has certainly been carried over to its new Chadstone boutique which just had its grand opening. As with all Kiehl's stores, a rather friendly looking, bespectacled ... Continue Reading

iPhone 6s Success

You might have realised by now that I'm always a sucker for new gadgetry, but I wouldn't have been so speedy to get this new 'shiny' if someone in my life hadn't been begging me for a hand-me-down of my iPhone 6... I swear! :-) In any case, I gave in and agreed to become the (proud) owner of the new must-have, the iPhone 6s, within a week of its release. So we toddled off to the Apple store once again, and handed over more moolah. The (excited) new oner of my old 6 declared the whole retail ... Continue Reading


Pouring a cup of T2 tea at the Autumn Edition Tea Workshop
Tea is one of those delightful things in life that can be as complex or as simple as you require. The humble tea-bag is up there with sliced bread as one of the 'best things' ever invented for those of us after a quick-fix. On the other hand, putting time and care into a careful, intricate brew or even a traditional tea ceremony can manifestly add to the richness of our visceral human experience. Tea can also be responsive to our needs. It can warm us in winter, cool us in summer, calm us at ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Delivery Day

I wasn't expecting a package today. The dog barked twice before I realised that our door bell was ringing - at the opposite end of the house. I raced up the stairs and hurtled along the corridor to see the receding silhouette of a yellow high-vis vest through the opaque glass. The door was dead locked. I hammered on it and yelled "WAIT! COME BACK! I NEED TO GET MY KEYS!" Two more steps and the delivery guy would have been in his car and I wouldn't have heard from them again until Monday. (I'm ... Continue Reading

T2’s Lab of Experimentation and Exploration

What do you wear to a tea-festival? What does one bring? Should I eat first? The unflappable Souri suggested I wear some clothes and bring my camera. As I walked in from the heat of Wellington Street that afternoon I was gobsmacked. It glowed. A secret garden had sprung up in the midst of a warehouse. There were shiny, smooth, intricate pretty things everywhere and textures that just screamed out to be touched. I wanted to take photos of ALL THE THINGS. There were sleek canisters, ... Continue Reading