Nikon D5 and D500 Preview Event

Nikon D5 Go Kart
The Nikon D5 is Here Earlier this year, Nikon announced the D5, it's newest flagship camera and replacement to the wildly successful and hugely popular Nikon D4S. This August, Nikon invited a select group of My Nikon Life subscribers to an exclusive, hands on demonstration of the D5 and it's baby brother, the Nikon D500 at Auscarts go kart track in Port Melbourne. We were lucky enough to head along for the night! Nikon had a wide range of products, lenses and cameras to use, and organised this ... Continue Reading

Sony α7S II Unboxing

We are more than a little bit excited about our newest additions to our tribe of gadgets. Having added wedding videography to our repertoire at Pause The Moment (see our first video here) it seemed like the right time to invest in some additional specialised equipment. Enter the Sony α7S II. Like we ever need any excuse! Prepare for the ubiquitous unboxing sequence... Sony α7S II Unboxing We don't do these things by halves... so we bought two. How else could we use a Sony α7S II to ... Continue Reading

iPhone 6s Success

You might have realised by now that I'm always a sucker for new gadgetry, but I wouldn't have been so speedy to get this new 'shiny' if someone in my life hadn't been begging me for a hand-me-down of my iPhone 6... I swear! :-) In any case, I gave in and agreed to become the (proud) owner of the new must-have, the iPhone 6s, within a week of its release. So we toddled off to the Apple store once again, and handed over more moolah. The (excited) new oner of my old 6 declared the whole retail ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Delivery Day

I wasn't expecting a package today. The dog barked twice before I realised that our door bell was ringing - at the opposite end of the house. I raced up the stairs and hurtled along the corridor to see the receding silhouette of a yellow high-vis vest through the opaque glass. The door was dead locked. I hammered on it and yelled "WAIT! COME BACK! I NEED TO GET MY KEYS!" Two more steps and the delivery guy would have been in his car and I wouldn't have heard from them again until Monday. (I'm ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Time!

A new Apple Watch on the wrist of a redhead
Regrettably for my ego, in retrospect I wasn't alone in dreaming of a smart-watch as a kid. Same goes for 3D goggles, jet-packs and human-to-animal translation software - virtually no ideas are new ideas! It can be a bit of a shock for little ones when it first dawns on them that even their most weird and wonderful imaginings have already passed through the mind of somebody else... it's just a matter of probability and statistics. (I, for instance, "invented" the chaise-longue at the tender age ... Continue Reading