Finch & Lane Grand Opening

Finch & Lane are a new interior furnishings boutique in Malvern. They have just opened their doors. Their specialties include bespoke furniture, lighting, textiles, and décor which they present alongside rare and stunning framed movie posters. The look is one of style and luxury but also simplicity and light. I was very excited to be invited to their launch! After enjoying many yummy canapés and some delicious Champagne with my good friend Souri from Fresh Photography, we settled ... Continue Reading

Ginger Pride Rally

Buderim Ginger Beer and the Bully Zero Charity joined forces to create a very 'colourful' event - but there was only one colour! The inaugural Ginger Pride Rally graced Melbourne's Federation Square yesterday and it was quite a sight to behold. Needless to say, it was designed to reduce bullying and to promote ginger beer sales... both perfectly worthy causes if you ask us! A Fun Filled Morning Australia's first Ginger Pride Rally was a really fun event to attend as it was well ... Continue Reading

Jansz Tasmania

What an absolute treat for the senses! Sensational sparkling, the finest of nibbles, and to top it all off - a fabulous flower arranging masterclass! Jansz Tasmania and The Flower Drum treated us to a really wonderful afternoon and evening. JANSZ TASMANIA SPARKLING COURTYARD We felt extremely fortunate to be invited to the Jansz Tasmania Sparking Courtyard during the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Far away from our warm, sunny afternoon in Carlton at the Royal Exhibit... Continue Reading

Golden Plains 2016

It takes all sorts, as grandma used to say! The world is full of amazing people and wonderful experiences... nowhere is this truer than the annual Golden Plains Music Festival, held in Meredith every March. It's two days and two nights of camping, dancing and laughing on a beautiful farmyard estate in Central Victoria. Sparkle On! This year we were treated to a glittery makeover by our wonderful camp mates. We all partied the two nights away listening to the likes of Violent Femmes (who ... Continue Reading

Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival

The brilliant minds of the Yarra Valley keep producing gem after gem. This time, some genius realised that the ancient combination of pig and apple had some further room to expand in a summery event with a festival atmosphere... how right they were! The Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival was born... Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival - The Food The fare was delicious! DELICIOUS! There was a lovely party vibe and everyone was in a cheerful mood. We had just got back from India so it ... Continue Reading

State Forest Camping Adventure

Running away from the city can be a fantastic experience. Most years we stay in Melbourne for Cup Weekend, but this year we decided to cart some family and friends to a scenic spot near Yarram, Gippsland. The fun starts right from the get-go with a well planned trip and the puppy loved the excitement of going on a road trip! As we arrived at the camp it was a bit exciting to see a blur of wallabies zooming across the path... looking very familiar in relation to the old rego sticker on my ... Continue Reading

Steavenson Falls

The Steavenson Falls Reserve is a truly beautiful spot which is easy to access on a day trip from Melbourne. Gum trees, Beech trees and ferns soak in the spray as the water crashes down eighty-four metres into the picturesque Steavenson River valley below. The lush forest in this area is regenerating valiantly from the horrific fires of 2009, but the ghostly skeletons that were once trees still stand eerily like little white matchsticks on the hills in the distance - a lasting reminder of that ... Continue Reading

Barmah Park Cafe and Cellar Door

Sometimes you should just go for a drive and set aside time for a really, really good feed! Heading home from a Paws The Moment job on the Mornington Peninsula, we decided to visit a winery for a spot of lunch and a drink. We were so delighted with Barmah Park Cafe and Cellar Door! Utterly delicious! He ate: Slow roasted pork belly on a potato and celeriac puree with steamed greens, drizzled in an apple balsamic jus. She ate: Quite a bit of his meal. And also... Smoked salmon ... Continue Reading

Sydney Dance Company – Frame of Mind

Sydney Dance Company's 'Frame of Mind' at Southbank Theatre
Contemporary dance rejects the idea of rules and continually reinvents itself, pushing boundaries and testing limits. It can be such an exciting and enlivening art form and it always leaves me wanting more dance in my life. So - I was thrilled to be invited to a preview performance of Sydney Dance Company's 'Frame of Mind' at Southbank Theatre. They are a leading contemporary dance company on the world stage, with sixteen truly exceptional dancers. In the past they have collaborated with Toni ... Continue Reading

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing has stood the test of time and proven itself to be one of those stories that never gets old. Sure, it was partly the undeniable chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze that got us all a bit giggly (have you seen their screentest??) but with any cast it ticks a lot of boxes. There's simply a raft of themes that so many of us connect with - it's just too easy to like! Coming of age. First love. Secrets, betrayal and confessions. Accusation and exoneration. It's all ... Continue Reading

Big Top Blogger

Big Top Circus at Night Flemington Melbourne. Pacific Ginger
"Roll up, roll up!" - isn't that how circuses are meant to announce themselves? This spectacular shindig didn't say those particular words aloud... but the big top said it all! There was a lot of excitement from the crowds weaving their way across Flemington towards those distinctive blue and yellow stripes. I was among them, babbling to my friend about what we might lie before us. I don't remember ever having been to a circus before in my life, though I must have read Enid Blyton's ... Continue Reading

The Musician Speaks

Musicians don’t get enough love from modern day society. Yes, different rules apply to the ones EVERYONE knows, and the big stars are renowned for their money, luxury life-styles and epic entourages. But 'normal' musicians, you know the ones that populate the local bars and pubs, they aren't remotely like that. The majority of musicians usually have to work really hard to make ends meet, and - unless they are 'discovered' by the big conglomerates - they rarely get the chance to share ... Continue Reading