Ginger Pride Rally

Buderim Ginger Beer and the Bully Zero Charity joined forces to create a very 'colourful' event - but there was only one colour! The inaugural Ginger Pride Rally graced Melbourne's Federation Square yesterday and it was quite a sight to behold. Needless to say, it was designed to reduce bullying and to promote ginger beer sales... both perfectly worthy causes if you ask us! A Fun Filled Morning Australia's first Ginger Pride Rally was a really fun event to attend as it was well ... Continue Reading

Steavenson Falls

The Steavenson Falls Reserve is a truly beautiful spot which is easy to access on a day trip from Melbourne. Gum trees, Beech trees and ferns soak in the spray as the water crashes down eighty-four metres into the picturesque Steavenson River valley below. The lush forest in this area is regenerating valiantly from the horrific fires of 2009, but the ghostly skeletons that were once trees still stand eerily like little white matchsticks on the hills in the distance - a lasting reminder of that ... Continue Reading

Weekend Getaway at Wilson’s Prom

Why Wilson's Prom? Wilson's Prom is only 2 or 3 hours from Melbourne but it feels like another world. We arrived after dark and were blown away by the number of roos, wallabies and wombats we saw grazing along the side of the road in the few km between the entry to the Wilson's Promontory proper and the Tidal River camp... perhaps 20 of each at the very least! Fortunately, there is decadent mobile reception our gorgeous friends were able to guide us to the camp site we were sharing with them. ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Time!

A new Apple Watch on the wrist of a redhead
Regrettably for my ego, in retrospect I wasn't alone in dreaming of a smart-watch as a kid. Same goes for 3D goggles, jet-packs and human-to-animal translation software - virtually no ideas are new ideas! It can be a bit of a shock for little ones when it first dawns on them that even their most weird and wonderful imaginings have already passed through the mind of somebody else... it's just a matter of probability and statistics. (I, for instance, "invented" the chaise-longue at the tender age ... Continue Reading

Grandpa’s Shed

My grandpa, John, is an amazing old salt. He’s an accomplished sailor, a veteran of the British Merchant Navy, a printer - one of the country’s finest flexographers in his day - and a massive motorcycle enthusiast. He won the 1960 Australian Sidecar Championship as the sidecar passenger, among other things. That's just scratching the surface. I could write stacks more about his life... and probably will at some stage. But this article is about my Grandpa’s Shed.When I was a boy my mum ... Continue Reading

Baby Wombat Housecall

*** WARNING - THIS POST CONTAINS EXTREME CUTENESS!!! *** This blog barely needs any words. It's all about the awwwws. Emily Small and her family run the Goongerah Wombat Orphanage. Goongerah is a 40-person town in far East Gippsland (Victoria). Ben and I don't know Emily very well but she dropped some keys at our house for a mutual friend the other day. She happened to mention that she had to get going because she had some wombat babies in the car. Mistake! She wasn't going to be going ... Continue Reading

Why Blog?

As the pre-written template here declares.... "Hello world"! Where to begin for now? The very beginning? It's a very good place to start, you say? How melodious. Ok: why are we here? Not 'here in the universe' (gotta save some of the big topics for later lol...) but here on this page?? Right. In answer to that... I have a public confession to make. When it comes to non-core activities, I've been a bit of a 'gunna' about keeping records, diaries and photo albums and things like that. Is that ... Continue Reading