Golden Plains 2016

It takes all sorts, as grandma used to say! The world is full of amazing people and wonderful experiences… nowhere is this truer than the annual Golden Plains Music Festival, held in Meredith every March. It’s two days and two nights of camping, dancing and laughing on a beautiful farmyard estate in Central Victoria.

Sparkle On!

This year we were treated to a glittery makeover by our wonderful camp mates. We all partied the two nights away listening to the likes of Violent Femmes (who opened with ‘Blister in The Sun’), C.W. Stoneking (who played their top-shelf blues to the delight of the crowd), and Eddie Current Suppression Ring (who reunited for this festival after ten years apart)! To top it all off, the sunset on the second night was utterly stunning.

An Amazing Atmosphere

I have never been to any other camping style music festivals, but many of my compatriots have sampled far and wide! Golden Plains apparently stands alone in it’s unfailing warm-and-fuzzy vibe. I’m told that the crowd is a little older, odder (in a good way) and less self-conscious than at most music festivals. There are pockets of kids and toddlers that parents have (bravely) brought along, all of whom dance away with the 20-60 year olds. Everyone is full of smiles and no stranger will ever leave you hanging for a high-five. The festival’s famous website outlines their “No Dickheads” policy in highly amusing but clear terms… and amazingly – it has worked! Golden Plains had its 10th anniversary this year and shows no signs of slowing down. It was our third time there, and certainly won’t be our last!

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