Ionio Greek Restaurant

Ionio is a tasty Greek restaurant within Doncaster Westfield, up on the top floor near the cinemas. It can really hit the spot when you want lunch or dinner before a movie (or before the last leg of a major shopping mission). The dishes are hearty, tasty and arrive quickly. The views out over the distant city skyline are great, too, perfect to take in with the cold beverage of your choice. Just the right location to relax for a while in the middle of an otherwise hectic day!

Saganaki. Our nemesis. On this occasion the battle was over before it could begin and we excitedly ordered Ionio’s special grilled saganaki. It propmptly arrived in its cast iron pan topped with yummy almond flakes and tomato salsa. Whilst it’s hard to go too wrong with melted cheese (just go and nuke some in your microwave now if you don’t believe me!) we felt that balance between ingredients here was just right, and our tastebuds squealed with the addition of that zingy lemon!

I ordered the salmon fillet. It was served with a nice creamy polenta which was just a perfect match for the texture of the semi-roasted tomato. The capers gave the flavour blend that lovely extra bite and the yummy tomato salsa held it all together beautifully.

Ben ordered the meat platter, and – now this detail is important – this enormous dish was specifically the platter FOR ONE. As you can see in the photographs it seemed to be enough for a small army! The ‘for one’ platter being $31 and the ‘for two’ platter being $49 we could only imagine how big the second option would be! We did our best but didn’t quite manage to finish it off.

We enjoyed our cocktails and had a delightfully peaceful afternoon up there in the clouds (almost) above Doncaster. Have a look through our snaps of the menu and see which dish grabs you!

What do you think you’d order? Too many good choices, that’s what we like to see!

IONIO is located at Doncaster Westfield Shopping Centre
Level 2, Next to cinemas
PHONE: 03 9840 1423
Ionio is open from 10am until late.

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