Maroush Lebanese Restaurant, Eltham

If she wants Thai and he wants Italian it can pay to ‘split the difference’ and go for Lebanese! It is a great midpoint between Asian spiciness and European heartiness. We were thrilled to bits with the delicious spread that Maroush Lebanese Restaurant served up to us in Eltham. The flavours popped, the herbs were fresh, and the seafood and meat were juicy.

I ordered the Maroush Prawns. They were absolutely a 10/10 and I don’t say that lightly! They were so aromatic and flavoursome. Sautéed in garlic with tomato concasse, they were served with saffron rice. It is always such a pleasure to get such big juicy prawns that clearly haven’t come from a tin or a freezer!

Ben ordered the Lamb Shawarma which was tender and scrumptious. The shaved lamb fillet was marinated in pomegranate with Lebanese herbs and spices then served on rocket salad with a drizzle of tahina sauce. Sooooooooo tasty!

Needless to say we shared the dishes! Lebanese dishes are made to be shared but we go halves with just about any cuisine. Though the lovely Ben usually sways things so that I get the lion’s share of any prawn dishes! (What a superstar!!!)

Have a click on our photos of their current eat-in and takeaway menus, and see what you’d order!

Maroush Lebanese Restaurant has easy parking out front and delightful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. They can be found at 1092 Main Road, Eltham VIC 3095, contacted at (03) 9439 5665, or searched via

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