Naked for Satan – Tapas Bar

Hearing the words “Naked for Satan is AMAZING” for the first time will certainly catch your attention. Rather than being a cult, this is an incredible “Bar de Pintxos y Vodka” venue. Tucked inside a historic Fitzroy building, this was a secret vodka distillery during the time of the great depression. This was all thanks to Leon Satanovich, a Russian immigrant. The locals – in standard Aussie fashion – affectionally shortened ‘Satanovich’ to the nickname ‘Satan’. As the grandson of a vodka maker, he was able to create vodka stills from scratch at a time when alcohol was a luxury many could not otherwise afford. He often distilled his fine work (with the help of any who couldn’t afford to pay) while stripped down to his underwear due to the extreme temperatures involved. Those who knew him used the phrase ‘getting naked for Satan’ to describe the process and – unsurprisingly – it stuck! Quite a story! These days it’s hard to pick what is most striking about this wonderful place. The drinks are INCREDIBLE. The styling and decoration is STUNNING. And – of course – the food is TO DIE FOR.

Drinks at Naked for Satan

Cocktails our little group tried on this occasion included:
– Naked Pash (passionfruit infused vodka, sauvignon blanc mint, lemon juice, orange juice and soda)
– I’m All Over The Pavlova (passionfruit vodka, butter vodka, vanilla galliano, sugar, lemon and passionfruit pulp)
– Hey Gringo It’s a Flamingo (vanilla vodka, aperol, peach liquor, fresh pink grapefruit juice and egg white)
– Juicy Melons (watermelon and mint infused vodka with sparkling grapefruit and fresh lime)

The views over the city are breathtaking especially as the area has a lot of the older architecture still in good nick. Unfortunately we didn’t get a table outside on this occasion and frankly felt lucky to score chairs inside!

Tapas at Naked for Satan

Tapas, *amazingly*, are only $9 Mon-Fri 12-4pm and Sunday from 6pm. The selection we tried (including a few double-ups!) included:
– Fried lamb ribs (with piment d’espelette and aioli)
– Baked Hervey Bay scallops (with sweetcorn, jalapeños and kikos)
– Oysters (freshly shucked with a shallot vinaigrette)
– Confit chicken wing sliders (with iceberg lettuce, mayo and tabasco)
Of these, my favourite was probably the scallops. They were smooth and delicious, and the sweetcorn added a surprising, savoury sort of popcorn texture which basically made them taste like Christmas.

Had we known about the restaurant tucked in the middle we might have saved the tapas for another day and eaten there. Never mind – the restaurant (“Naked in the Sky”) will still be there next time! It’s worth noting that there are also amazing nibbles in the downstairs part of this building called Pintxos as well as the tapas upstairs and the restaurant. But more about them next time. Just soooo many reasons to return!

When Should You Go To Naked for Satan?

Naked for Satan has quite long hours. This makes it a fantastic choice for night owls like me who don’t mind starting their evening late!

Naked for Satan is open:
Friday & Saturday 12pm – 1am
Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 12am
The Restaurant ‘Naked in the Sky’ opens:
Sunday to Thursday at 6pm
Fridays at 5.30pm
Saturdays at 5pm
Bookings can be made Mon to Sun lunch time only (no evening bookings). Call 03 9416 2238 during office hours or email if you wish to book for lunch.

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