State Forest Camping Adventure

Running away from the city can be a fantastic experience. Most years we stay in Melbourne for Cup Weekend, but this year we decided to cart some family and friends to a scenic spot near Yarram, ... Continue Reading

iPhone 6s Success

You might have realised by now that I'm always a sucker for new gadgetry, but I wouldn't have been so speedy to get this new 'shiny' if someone in my life hadn't been begging me for a hand-me-down of ... Continue Reading

Innocent Bystander

Give into temptation! If you're peckish while in Healesville you should definitely visit Innocent Bystander. One of the first things you notice is that that the whole place has the comforting and ... Continue Reading

Steavenson Falls

The Steavenson Falls Reserve is a truly beautiful spot which is easy to access on a day trip from Melbourne. Gum trees, Beech trees and ferns soak in the spray as the water crashes down eighty-four ... Continue Reading

Senses Restaurant

Senses Restaurant, Templestowe, is a little treasure only a few minutes up the road. We happened to go there during a gorgeous sunset on one of the first warm days of spring so we took the opportun... Continue Reading

Sahara Moroccan Restaurant

Don't blink! It is too easy to walk straight past the inconspicuous magic door that leads upwards to (much) deliciousness high above Swanston Street in Melbourne! Sahara's Moroccan and Northern ... Continue Reading

Fairfield Park Boathouse

Fairfield Park Boathouse is an iconic location where you can enjoy delicious meals and Devonshire Teas whilst revelling in the riverside atmosphere amongst the gum trees and the friendly ducks. We ... Continue Reading

Maroush Lebanese Restaurant, Eltham

If she wants Thai and he wants Italian it can pay to 'split the difference' and go for Lebanese! It is a great midpoint between Asian spiciness and European heartiness. We were thrilled to bits with ... Continue Reading

Warran Glen Garden Centre & Cafe

Warran Glen's cafe is in a beautiful garden setting near the flowing Yarra River in Warrandyte. Tucked away amongst the tall gums, one could be forgiven for driving straight past! The smell of ... Continue Reading

Top Paddock

Richmond, only a few minutes from Melbourne's CBD, is home to many places that will tickle your tastebuds. Top Paddock is amongst the cream of the crop - and they know it! They don't take bookings ... Continue Reading

Three Red Stripes, Doncaster

Whenever I eat Vietnamese food I always find the experience super fresh and super zingy. You can usually fill-up without feeling heavy... and if you do happen to feel like you're about to burst it is ... Continue Reading

Barmah Park Cafe and Cellar Door

Sometimes you should just go for a drive and set aside time for a really, really good feed! Heading home from a Paws The Moment job on the Mornington Peninsula, we decided to visit a winery for a ... Continue Reading

Three Monkeys Place

Three Monkeys Place in Doncaster serves scrumptious and healthy brekkies in a beautifully light and airy atmosphere. We went there for Ben's birthday with some friends and were delighted with the ... Continue Reading

Ionio Greek Restaurant

Ionio is a tasty Greek restaurant within Doncaster Westfield, up on the top floor near the cinemas. It can really hit the spot when you want lunch or dinner before a movie (or before the last leg of ... Continue Reading

Mörk Chocolate Brew House

Mörk's Brew House is an unmissbale new concept store and cafe in North Melbourne. It is ALL ABOUT the Chocolate - particularly the hot chocolate. The quality is unparalleled, the prices are unbeli... Continue Reading

Sydney Dance Company – Frame of Mind

Sydney Dance Company's 'Frame of Mind' at Southbank Theatre
Contemporary dance rejects the idea of rules and continually reinvents itself, pushing boundaries and testing limits. It can be such an exciting and enlivening art form and it always leaves me ... Continue Reading

Zonzo Restaurant & Train Trak Winery

Zonzo, nestled in the Yarra Valley, is an award winning winery-restaurant and wedding venue. We decided to head there for lunch before photographing a wedding, and we were so glad that we did! We had ... Continue Reading


Pouring a cup of T2 tea at the Autumn Edition Tea Workshop
Tea is one of those delightful things in life that can be as complex or as simple as you require. The humble tea-bag is up there with sliced bread as one of the 'best things' ever invented for those ... Continue Reading

Weekend Getaway at Wilson’s Prom

Why Wilson's Prom? Wilson's Prom is only 2 or 3 hours from Melbourne but it feels like another world. We arrived after dark and were blown away by the number of roos, wallabies and wombats we saw ... Continue Reading

Apple Watch Delivery Day

I wasn't expecting a package today. The dog barked twice before I realised that our door bell was ringing - at the opposite end of the house. I raced up the stairs and hurtled along the corridor to ... Continue Reading