Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival

The brilliant minds of the Yarra Valley keep producing gem after gem. This time, some genius realised that the ancient combination of pig and apple had some further room to expand in a summery event with a festival atmosphere… how right they were! The Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival was born…

Yarra Valley Pork and Cider Festival – The Food

The fare was delicious! DELICIOUS! There was a lovely party vibe and everyone was in a cheerful mood. We had just got back from India so it was fantastic to eat and drink with friends. The only issue was the length of the food stall queues! Unfortunately for folks like us bloggers (who always love a good feed), and indeed the general population, the idea of a PORK AND CIDER FESTIVAL was simply too much to resist! The two-day event was shared widely on social media in the months beforehand and ticket sales had skyrocketed beyond any expectations. Even then, the she volume of food required was simply not foreseen by the organisers. On both days, the people just kept coming and the lines kept getting longer! Fortunately, the relaxed picnic-like atmosphere that we have come to know and love about Rochford Winery kept everyone pretty calm and happy. The brooding weather held out – though even with cloud cover the UV levels were high! Hats and shade were definitely the order of the day. We made new friends in the queues and it was a bit hectic at times, but when you finally got your turn at the front of the line it always proved well worth the wait!

Ben put it well, if you can excuse his literary reference…
Matched with fresh, mouthwatering ciders, the pork at this event was the most succulent, flavoursome pork that you could ever hope to eat! No matter which way you had it – smoked, pulled, double-smoked, roasted, triple-smoked, fried, cooked for days, with salads, without salads, on a bun, in a bun, next to a bun… to quote a spider from an old children’s book, that was “some pig!”

We hope there is another Cider and Pork Festival in 2017 as it was a very relaxed and yummy day. It was just so easy to kick back in the lovely grounds of Rochford Wines with some of the people we love.

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