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Musicians don’t get enough love from modern day society. Yes, different rules apply to the ones EVERYONE knows, and the big stars are renowned for their money, luxury life-styles and epic entourages. But ‘normal’ musicians, you know the ones that populate the local bars and pubs, they aren’t remotely like that. The majority of musicians usually have to work really hard to make ends meet, and – unless they are ‘discovered’ by the big conglomerates – they rarely get the chance to share their stories with the general population. Jade Leonard set out to change that with her new show “The Musician Speaks”. 

I was lucky enough to catch the taping of a couple of episodes, courtesy of my sister in law being one of the musicians who was, well, speaking! We also watched the live screening at a party hosted by Jade at the GH in St.Kilda.

The Musician Speaks 4

The Musician Speaks-3

The live tapings occurred a few months back, and were a proper hoot! Jade’s personality lit up her colourful garden-like set, and the performances of the musicians, sometimes accompanied by Jade (herself a graduate of the VCA and a wonderful jazz singer) gave a hint that she might just be onto something here.

I also was fortunate when Jade and her costume designers asked me into the Academy of Design in Melbourne to photograph the amazing costumes used during the filming. Seriously, I have never seen such effort put into anything as what Katrina and Mie-Mie put into those costumes!  Working that afternoon with Jade was one of the easiest photo shoots I have ever done. Jade is a proper natural in front of a camera – still or video. I am predicting big things!

Costumes Diptic

The two episodes that I saw had Herald-Sun aria winner Kathryn Radcliffe and triple J Unearthed favourites Forest Falls. The format is simple – sing a bit, chat a bit, laugh a bit, sing a bit more – but Leonard has a special knack for asking just the right questions… questions that elicit a different kind of response from the artists. Questions that end up with Radcliffe –  Australia’s finest young opera talent – singing songs from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. That is a special kind of skill.  Forest falls were solid, and candid, a seriously talented an humble group. Big things are coming from these artists, that’s for sure.

The Musician Speaks-5

Herald-Sun Aria winner Kathryn Radcliffe and her husband.

And as for Jade Leonard and her “humble little show” – well – word on the street is that it’s been picked up in Sydney and Adelaide, and I expect the rest of the country to follow. If Jade keeps up her style and work ethic, it won’t be long before we see her on one of the bigger networks. You can take that to the bank.

Don’t just take my word for it though, watch the show yourself! The talent is amazing, the format is seriously watchable, and at half an hour, snappy enough to get you interested and motivated to find out more about the artists at the same time.

“The Musician Speaks” is airing on Channel 31 (digital 44), starting March 2 at 7.30pm. There are 5 episodes for now – catch them all.

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Until next time kids, thanks for wearing pants!


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