Westfield Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night

It was a night of window shopping without the windows! All the best bits of AW 2016 (the Autumn/Winter fashion collections of 2016) were brought into a single place within the Fashion Hub event at the Fashion Weekend VIP Preview Night. The champagne and cupcakes put everyone in a celebratory mood while they browsed the latest trends with tips from those in the know in including stylist Tara Blanusa. To top it off there were gorgeous artisan paper flowers handmade on request by Louise Seymour from Paperlab, and you could request stunning inspirational quotes and calligraphy from Kyashi Writes (Kyashi Orasato).

My takeaways from this experience were:
– Maroon is definitely back (and a good thing too)
– Thigh-high boots (you’re more likely to buy a pair when dosed with adequate bubbly)
– People are still wearing jackets without putting their arms in properly (and owning it)
– White sneakers go with virtually anything (who knew??)
– Hats (even indoors, why not)
– Chunky knits (but you knew that already, that one is staying for a while I think)
– It’s hard to think of a quote on the spot that you’d like to have calligraphied (yes, new word)… I asked the internet (well, my FB friends) and the only suggestion I got was “That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife!” No, not quite what I was after… but thanks for the thought anyway, brother-in-law-Sam! I came up with a different quote, one that makes me smile anyway!

All in all – a lovely night. 🙂

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    Rubi September 8, 2016 (5:59 pm)

    Hi, I’ve been invited to this event for spring fashion- is there a cost for tickets? The website doesn’t say!